You keep control and give us the responsibity of managing your IT systems, to give you peace of mind

We exist to make your life easy. Our managed service plans ensure your staff keep working, have up-to-date technology and most importantly allow your business to run efficiently. We talk to you in a language you understand and work in the ones you don't!

Why use a Managed IT Service?

Arrows As competition in the marketplace continues to increase, excellence in IT can give your business a competitive edge. Devices Your team is operating in an increasingly mobile, dynamic environment across a range of programs and devices and this increases the pressure on IT departments, their resources, skills and knowledge.
Cog With modern working practices, new technologies continue to evolve and change the face of business operations. Without experienced IT support, technology can turn from help to hindrance. Cost And of course cost reduction and being able to plan your IT spend efficiently year on year.

Client Case Studies

Elixir Healthcare
Elixir Healthcare

Elixir is a healthcare communication specialist. This means that they are scientists, journalists and marketers rolled into one. With over 15 staff and having implemented the Kobalt Systems Support Technology model since May 2011 they have been able to:

  • Deliver an array of projects from relocations to server upgrades
  • Migrate to their hosted exchange service saving the business hundreds of dollars per month
  • Deploy a low cost virtualisation platform creating a flexible, resilient service layer for the business
Working with Kobalt has relieved a lot of my stress.
Frank Pilling, Managing Director, Elixir Healthcare

Deepend, a technically driven, Design Strategy and Creative Solutions company of 70 people introduced the Kobalt Systems Support Technology Model into their business 12 months ago and has experienced the following:

  • A reduction in the cash cost of IT management services to the business of 13%;
  • The releasing of over 20% of the IT Director's time back into revenue-generating projects;
  • A massive reduction in downtime due to proactive maintenance;
  • An increase in staff IT satisfaction due to the reduction in IT issues affecting their work performance.
Itís totally changed the way we work. I donít have to think about our IT issues anymore.
Chris Crammond, Group Business Director, Deepend

Our Service Solutions

A number of key business challenges can influence your choice to adopt a managed services strategy. Here are just a few:

The rate of change in sophisticated business tools and IT systems is hard to keep pace with. Old systems lead to increased incident costs, more downtime and less productive teams. Kobalt Systems always keeps an eye on new technology for your business, and will make sensible recommendations.
Proactive Management A business shouldn't be held to ransom by its IT systems. The traditional "break-fix" approach is a reactionary approach which leaves a business unable to predict future improvements to systems, leaving the business vulnerable. Kobalt Systems enables real time system monitoring and reporting which helps planning for future IT developments.
over IT costs
While it's easy to see what something did cost, its difficult to plan your IT spend for the future because you can't predict what will break. Unpredictable service delivery costs lead to delay in repairing IT systems and potential delays in delivery of critical projects. Kobalt Systems offers fixed price and bundled monthly services for predictable IT costs.
Increased demand for customer service levels, adding to the cost of the the business. Greater demand from a modern, mobile workforce being able to manage customers/clients effectively on the run. Kobalt Systems manage any device, anywhere and anytime of day.
Opportunities abound, it's about how quickly you can react to them that counts. Loss of control or even worse, market share could result in a reduced competitive advantage. As a trusted partner Kobalt Systems ensures routine IT activities are taken care of freeing capacity for your team to concentrate on the job at hand.

Feature Snapshot

Technical Service Desk
  • Your own dedicated technical support email address and number
  • Extended hours or full 24x7x365 models
  • All calls answered by trained, accredited analysts
  • Ability to log any unlimited number of incidents
  • Access to all premier hardware and software vendors
  • Adaptive incident logging system
Proactive Remote Management
  • Extended hours or full 24x7x365 models
  • Full management of alerts and thresholds
  • Production of availability reports
  • Hardware and software baseline control
  • Trend analysis reports
  • License compliance, alerting and reporting
Problem Management

Our teams can conduct root/cause analysis to develop long term fixes for problems

Capacity Planning

We provide standard reports for all monitored devices showing capacity changes over time, or we can take the reports generated and use customer information to interpret the reports and recommend changes that would improve your systems.

Change, Configuration and Release Management

We can help control the infrastructure and operating environment by managing how and when changes are made.

Patch Management

Each month we will assess the monitored infrastructure and provide a report of deficient patch levels. Additionally, we can create and effect the rollout plan necessary to deploy agreed, required, changes.

Custom Services

In addition to the above, we know that each business is different and regularly develop "custom" services or business rules for our customers.